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Propertymode provides a complete workflow for real estate agents and property managers and other similar property professionals.

The systems are web based or smartphone apps which powerfully allow an office to work together or individual staff members to manage buyers, sellers, tenants. The system includes everything from CRM, website administration, portal XML publishing, paperless filing, sales trust accounting to advertising, print publications and artwork creation all automated from your own dataset.

Smart professionals are finding this system allows them to list and sell far more efficiently with less work, which means more profits.

Its a truly comprehensive system that is easy to use, yet powerful, as it works with the agent - instead of forcing them to become IT experts.

Its a working system that is unique in it's user acceptance and functionality. Its formatted for large staff teams or groups of offices like franchises as well as offering simple solutions for smaller players.

Propertymode is famous for its in depth training and support, which is strategic as well as technical.

Propertymode has the solution for you, please contact us for more information and see for yourself how powerful your time can be with a Propertymode workflow.