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Have developed software strategies aimed at developing countries providing local government revenue collection and data base solutions.

TaxPlus has been built to assist in recoveries and recording of back taxes and property fees. Our unique software is aimed at reducing tax avoidance. With our compliance reporting tax avoidance can be easily spotted and remedied through statistical analysis and correlation of activities by clients within the system.

TaxPlus is dedicated software / database to assist developing countries to record and collect, council fees and taxes. Built in consultation with the Rwandan government and compliant with Rwandan laws and is has been proven successful in recoveries process.

Tax dues or any fees or debts can be allocated to a lot even if not paid and they can accrue over time with interest and can be easily gathered at the time of title transfer thus providing an almost fool proof security for any financial entity – which LOWERS the effective interest rate and time to repay which is the main obstacle to empowering the new middle class in developing countries. 

TaxPlus has been designed with slight modifications to enable compliance with other African nations taxation and council fee laws.

Features include:

  • Transation from paper to digital process
  • Map based compliance reporting
  • Sms payment notifications
  • Fee generation and invoicing
  • Overdue / late fee automatic calculations
  • Financial reporting
  • Compliance reporting
  • Security access restrictions
  • Mobile friendly