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A real property sales transaction involves multiple actors whose interests and responsibilities must be structured into a transparent process to bring it to a successful closure. Interested parties include but are not limited to the following:

1. The property seller who needs to be paid his equity in the property; 

2. The lender to the seller who needs to be paid the outstanding principle and accrued interests;

3. The lender to the buyer who needs to have its security interest registered against the real property being purchased;

4. The taxing authorities, which collects taxes and fees on the transaction;

5. The real estate professionals whose fees need to be collected; 

6. The title transfer authorities and registrar of liens, whose fees must be collected and handed over; and 

7. that the needs to capture and analyse such data and produce updated Real Property Sector Reports.

The Info.Africa Platform shall, using its E-Transaction and E-Trust Tools, facilitate the delivery of “Settlement Services by enabling seamless online transactions that deliver the foregoing services