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The Info.Africa Platform shall, utilizing its E-Transaction and E-Trust Tools, provide the missing ingredient needed to catalyze the development of Africa’s Capital Markets so that they can provide sustainable development financing for the Real Estate Sector on the Continent: “Real-time Tracking of Values and Conditions of Collateral Assets” that secure mortgages and loans held by lenders. The development of Secondary Capital Markets for Mortgage/Asset-Backed Securities and REITS on the Continent can only take place in markets that give potential investors real-time and accurate information about values and physical conditions of the assets held by lenders as collateral for loans that were extended.

The Info.Africa Platform shall offer lenders, whose mortgages are to be securitized, and prospective investors interested in investing in Mortgage-Backed Securities and REITS, especially Africa’s Diaspora that is starved for safe and secure means of investing in Africa, the facilities where to maintain and grant access to information about the collateral assets, as well as manage relationships with investors and regulators of the capital markets